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RE: Carbo Plus

     I am not sure what the level of CO2 is, but my plants are really
pearling IMHO, (nice little bubbles on all the leaves).  There is a little
mystery going on with my tank which started when I  added PhosGuard to
remove excess phosphorous.  I believe the phosphorous had created a buffer,
b/c my pH was 7.2, and basically wouldn't budge.  Now my pH ranges from
7.3-7.8 from the am to pm, and according to the "charts" on the Krib, with
my KH of 4, the CO2 should be nil, but obviously this isn't so, or my plants
wouldn't be pearling, correct??  I think the crushed coral added by someone
at my LFS when they helped set up my tank has my pH at 7.8.....but that's
another story.  I don't think that really answered your question, but that's
all I know.  I would get a test kit, but from what I've read, they are all
worthless!!  Any thoughts?