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Re: Onyx sand / gravel

thought i'd put my two cents in on this one. although i don't have any
flourite in my tank... although i do wish i did... hopefully sometime this
summer i'll be able to replace my substrate... anyway...

about six months after i set up this (currently vibrantly thriving ^_^)
tank, this is about 2.5 years ago, with Tetra Initial D (really messy, had a
bit of an algae outbreak for a while) and fairly dark standard aquarium
gravel from the pet store i bought some red flint sand (it's not really
sandy... more like small smooth chips of flint) to add to the aquarium. the
stuff looked better, but about a month later... you can't tell i ever added
any red flint to my tank. the chips of flint filtered down the relatively
large spaces in the gravel.

i've seen the size of onyx sand and flourish... eventually the onyx sand
will trickle out of sight into the very bottom of your tank... unless the
large majority of the substrate in the tank will be onyx sand.

about the RFUG... i haven't used one of those things in a long time. if you
have really good plant growth, you shouldn't have need for one. my substrate
is up to four inches in places... and those crypt roots are just
everywhere... i've never had a problem with deadspots. (that might be due to
my incredibly large MTS population though ^_^) although i'm not really
knowledgeable about how much detritus (poop ^_^) discus can make. i've heard
about substrate gold for a long time, but i really don't know anything about
the product... but if it's anything like the Tetra Initial D stuff ... and
you're planning to use it with a RFUG... you pretty much will not be
containing any nutrients within your substrate. you might just set yourself
up for algae problems.  although you could probably work around that problem
by using clay pots.

hope i helped. ^_^