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Re: Noisy Overflow


If you have the All-Glass with the built-in Twin-Flo
that All-Glass puts in their aquariums I can help you
with the noise. I just set up an All-Glass 90g with
the Twin-Flo and Rio 2100 pump. The first thing my wife 
said after all my hard work, that sure is noisy!

Make sure the hose coming out the bottom going to your
wet/dry is a corrugated hose (I can get the name from my
LFS if you don't). It should go straight down with a trap
just like a sink drain. 

The biggest improvement you can do to quiet the noise is,
buy some blue bonded filter pads, the one that comes in 
one big sheet 312 sq. in. . Cut a piece that will line the
inside of the Twin-Flo where the water drains with the float
that goes up and down. Start at the top and go down 1 inch
below the water level. This will cause the water to soak into
the pad and release below the water line, which will cut most
of the noise and also stop alot of excess co2 loss from the
water splashing down. Another improvement is to place some 1/2
inch styrofoam under your sump tank to quiet down the return
pump from vibrating. Also if you want to lower your water level
a little, which skims the top better, remove the rubber strip
which sits on the top of the overflow. I was told that by All-

If you have a different overflow, let me know and I can give
you some other suggestions or send you pictures of mine.

BTW, mine went from a sink gurgling to I open the door to see
if everything is still running because it's so quiet.