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Onyx sand / gravel

Hi everyone,

About a week ago someone posted a question about placing onyx sand over 
flourite, and if having a deep layer of sand over the flourite was okay. I 
haven't seen any responses, so what does everyone think? I would like to 
know, since my long awaited planted discus tank will be ready for assembly 
soon! I was planning on a combination of flourite and sand 4-6 inches deep 
with RFUG. Also, what about adding a little substrate gold at the very 
bottom? Will it be too rich with the flourite, will it leak into water column 
too much with RFUG? The substrate is the last piece of hardware that I need 
for assembly and then of course the fish and plants! TIA for any info / 

Green water...some of us are plagued with it, and some of us can't get it 
I am trying to culture daphnia, but can't seem to get my water to turn green. 
Just goes to show you how picky algae can be too!

In Pittsburgh, with cool breezes after the past hot spell