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The dangers of CO2

A month ago I started with DIY yeast CO2 at my 15Gal tank at work. I used a
small plastic cup as CO2 bell, at it worked OK. I did see my male Honey
Gurami inside the bell a few days later. I tried to scare him out, but he
stayed there for about 10 minutes. Afterwards he was swimming around very
confused for about 30 minutes, but then was OK.
Later I forgot about it, and over some weeks I experimented with different
diffusers. But a few days ago I ended up with a plastic cup again; It is
unobtrusive in the back of the tank, it evens out the varying yeast CO2
output, and most important it has a good diffusion rate for my tank.
But yesterday I saw one of the female Honeys in the bell. I don't know how
long she had been there, but after a little while it came out and started a
5 minutes tumbling around in the tank, and then it was dead!
I am now putting a net over the bell.