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Re: Micron Filter

Birdy wrote:

OK, so I've had the water in my tank running through the Micron Filter for
over 24 hours now.  There is less small particulate matter floating around,
but the water is Green As Ever.

So apparently the filter, in and of itself does not remove the green algae
from the water.

So my next step is to try one of the flocculent treatments.

I write:

As Roger has pointed out the floculant works best with filter floss. You do
not have to have a special filter to use filter floss though. Every filter
has some sort of pump intake and you can put a sponge over that intake. This
is the sort of setup that I use in my 120 gallon tank. I use a submersable
pump that sticks on the back of the tank that pumps the tank water to both
ends of the tank. I put an Aquaclear 500 songe over the intake. For removing
green water I wrap the sponge in a large piece of filter floss, tie it on
with thread and then add the floculant. I doubt that this is the most
effective filter for getting rid of green water but within 24 hours the
green water disappears. It does seem to come back though and I have had to
repeat this procedure a couple of times but it does work.