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RE: CO2 Runs

Wade wrote:
>polyurethane-ester tubing has even less permeability to CO2, according to 
>Nalge.  If you're willing to use rigid tubing, I think there are options 
>like metal tubing with even lower permeability (but just because it's rigid 
>doesn't mean it has lower permeability).
>I ended up buying my tubing from Harrington Plastics, which has branches in 
>the US.  I think it was about $19 for the roll (I forget if it was 50' or 100').

Thanks, this stuff is cheaper/easier to work with than metal! Next time I'll
try this.
Wright wrote: 
Use the goopy
>thread-putty materials, to avoid the potential shreds of teflon from the
>tape (as is always done in natural gas setups).

Yes, this would be better for most folks. If you aren't careful, the tape
can get into the system causing problems. Personally never had it happen but
certainly can see the potential. On the longer systems we used metal
pipe/sealant as the main line and branched "T"'s off there using the tape
after the "T" to the valves. This was for a reef Kalk CO2 set up. Maybe
later we can change their tanks to plant tanks!
Tom Barr