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Re: CO2 Runs

In a message dated 5/7/00 3:56:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<  Adding another tank? For 19$ and a T and another male 1" threaded
 pipe you can add CO2 to a tank with ease. A similar approach can be done
 with High Pressure disc set ups also. >>


How far of a run have you done off one of these manifolds? Most of the time 
when people talk about doing multiple tanks - I picture a group of tanks in 
one room - like a fish room. But what about tanks all throughout the house? I 
was personally thinking of getting a 40lb CO2 delivered to the garage area, 
using one reg and a manifold such as you describe and then running tubing all 
over the house perhaps through the attic to different locations. Sounds 
feasible and economical but we're talking multiple 75 ft plus runs here. 
Should work in theory - but anyone ever actually tried this? Lota room for 
leaks stretching things out that far - plus fine tuning the system might 
prove a little cumbersome. Like maybe waiting half a day to see the result of 
a half turn on a needle valve or a 1lb increase in psi. Probably take 2 lbs 
of CO2 just to pressurize the system. BTW what type of tubing - silicone or 
hey, maybe PVC?  Comments?

Bob Olesen
in South Florida where it's not really that hot...