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fighting my seemingly invinvible greenwater

Well today after taking the blankets off my tanks (after 5 days of complete
darkness, no CO2, hardly any feeding) I have found i still have murky green
water :o(.  I don't know what the next course of action I should take.
Being a poor uni student I'm not about to go and waste my money on UV or
diatomous filter so I guess the only last choice I have is to try filtering
the stuff out with filter wool with a lil fluval 102 filter I have lying
around.  Anyone have any experience with how effective this is ?

Of on a different tangent the lil fluval 102 I have must be acient and I
have only use it once to find it made a very irritating rattling sound.  Its
the type with a cream motor top and brown coffee stained cannister....  I
dont have the little baskets to go inside but what I did was put a lil bit
of piping in the inside from the intake down to the bottom of the
cannister...Anyone ahve any experience with these filters ??

On a happier note I found some Pigmy chain swords today ! First time I have
ever seen them in any shop here and I instantly bought a huge healthy pot
:o) I heard these are excellent foreground plants.  I also saw some
lileopsis .. whats peoples experience tips with both these plants ???

Thanks a lot :o)

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia
Fine, clear crisp cold nights (winters coming.. noooo!)