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RE: K+ test kits

> They also have the only 
>Potassium Test Kit I have ever seen available. 

Lamott makes one too. Not a big deal to have a test kit for this element as
overdosing has never caused an algae outbreak in any tank I have heard of.
Rather than sweat and pay more for a product just use the K2SO4 like most
APD'ers. I add about 1/4 teaspoon(Green All-10lb bag about 4-5$= life time
supply) to every 35 gallons of water twice a week(sometimes more) and after
50% water changes. There is some K+ in my TMG and your fertilizer also. I
have about 20-30ppm or so typically when I test. I think adding about 5ppm
extra 2X a week seems about right but it's hard to really say. My plants are
certainly happier with the extra amounts of K+ but how much etc? I'm not too
certain but it's surely a large range and excess seems not to be an issue so
I add a fair amount. Wouldn't want any plants not getting their fill :) 

This is one test kit you do not need unless you have extra $ and are very
curious and can't stand it.
Tom Barr