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Re: Gitte's Crypts...

At 11:33 00-05-03 -0500, James Purchase wrote:
>Wouldn't that be research done _after_ the fact? Had you done much
>_preliminary_ research, I doubt that Crypts would have been among your
>initial choices for a newly established tank.
>It is great that you like Crypts, and you shouldn't get discouraged. But you
>should also learn to research your purchases before you make them, and
>accept advice gracefully when you ask for it. If you think that you know
>more about growing Crypts than I do, I hope that you will be able to help me
>with problems I might have with them in the future....

I don't know why you assume I didn't do any research beforehand.  I chose
some crypts for my tank, am having some problems with them, and I asked for

The reason I posted Tropica's recommendations, was to inform others, not to
offend you.  I am new to this hobby and have very little to contribute, but
I thought others might benefit from that information if they hadn't already
had access to it.  I was not doubting or discounting anything you said.  In
fact, I appreciate having access to your experience and knowledge,
*EVERYONE* in the group.