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RE: Gitte's Crypts

Gitte writes:
"James' comments about Crypts needing an established tank and an experienced
hand, have prompted me to do just a little preliminary research.  I thought
others (maybe other newbies like myself) would like to hear what Tropica
has to say."

Wouldn't that be research done _after_ the fact? Had you done much
_preliminary_ research, I doubt that Crypts would have been among your
initial choices for a newly established tank.

I don't doubt _anything_ that Tropica has to say on either their web site or
in their book/catalogue. You asked for advice from the group and I gave you
mine - I'm NOT trying to discourage you, merely trying to let you (and other
"newbies") benefit from the fact that I have been growing Crypts for over 30
years. I have found that they can be incredibly easy to grow, but they can
also be incredibly sensitive to environmental stress - some species tend to
melt if you look at them sideways. As long as their rootstock is healthy and
strong, and the environmental stress is removed and conditions in the tank
stabilize, they will usually make a full recovery and resume their growth.

But a newly established tank is _far_ from stable. It generally takes a
couple of months for all of the many cycles and complex interactions taking
place in an aquarium to reach a stable equilibrium where plants like Crypts
can thrive. Once you have achieved that equilibrium, Crypts can explode and
grow into magnificient stands of plants.

Your idea about carefully removing the disintegrating leaves is a good one,
and what most people do - just be careful to use a pair of scissors rather
than your fingers and don't damage the rootstock.

"I like Crypts, and I won't be discouraged yet!"

It is great that you like Crypts, and you shouldn't get discouraged. But you
should also learn to research your purchases before you make them, and
accept advice gracefully when you ask for it. If you think that you know
more about growing Crypts than I do, I hope that you will be able to help me
with problems I might have with them in the future....

James Purchase