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Re: cemented platform for the stand?

Peter Chong wrote:

If i were to build a concrete stand (of course the
doors will be made of wood), should I have a flat
cemented platform on which the tank sits or should it
be hollow and the tank just sit on the perimeter of
rectangular stand? Or maybe  2 or 3 planks that run
across the hollow of the stand? I am afraid that if
it is a cemented top, it may create uneven pressure
and stress points on the base of the tank,especially
if the top is not evenly done.

I reply:

I would think that the best top for your stand would be a slab of polished
stone such as marble or granite. Just build the sides of the stand as you
wish and place the slab of stone on a bed of mortar. The surface will be
very flat and will be perfect to set a tank on. The edges of the slab can
also be cut and ground to various decorative shapes or they can be left
broken if you wish a more primitive look. Of course the slab of stone will
not necessarily be cheap and I have no idea what it might go for in
Singapore (probably a lot less than here in Canada) but I am pretty sure
this sort of construction material is widely available in Asia. I noticed a
lot of it being used when I was in China.