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New tank.. what do you reocmmend ?

Lucky for me one of my tank building friends just got a whole lot of loverly
10mm tempered glass (plus other stuff) for a good price and said he would
build a tank for me for free for a lil bit of help cutting and moving glass
:o) So now at last I get to setup my ultimate plant tank (well what i
consider ultimate for now :o))

So anyway what should I get built.  Im thinking along the lines of a 4ft
tank because this is fairly easy to light.  At the moment I have a 3ft and
like it but think a 4ft would be perfect (6ft too dauntingly big).  My
question should be is how wide and tall should I get it ? and how many
lights should I have depending on the height (6 ??).  I am thinking maybe 4
x 18 x 18 ? or is this a bit wimpish hehehe.

Also Im trying to decide whether to go for a trickle (might as well milk my
friend for all its worth hehe).  Do you guys use this kind of filter and how
effective is it ? My 3ft has a eheim cannister and its noiseless and easy to
maintain... whats it liek with a trickle ? I thought proabbly a trickle
because its free (i have a spare big eheim pump lying around) and it is
meant to be one of the best types of filters ??

Let me know all your opinions because I would be very interested

Jon Hammond
Perth, West Oz