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Re: growth and care of Riccia

>>Amano ties it to flat slate stones using "riccia line" (a sort of very
fishing line).  In some aquascapes, Amano uses riccia and hairgrass
together.  He uses a method whereby he places two bunches of hairgrass along
side a riccia patch.  He then takes individual strands of hairgrass and ties
them over the riccia patch.  Interesting.<<

Sounds simuliar to Dan Quackenbushes method of mixing Riccia and Willow
moss. The theory is that that the mass of the additional plant helps to bind
the Riccia and keep it from breaking apart. The Willow moss or even java
moss will adhere to the rock or whatever surface is there, and intertwine
with the Riccia. Hairgrass being a rooted plant, I dont understand how it
would work the same way exactly.

Robert Paul H
Anyone who hasnt yet seen pictures by Frode roe,
a young man in Norway that is doing some incredible
Dutch aquascaping, should really take a look!
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