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different green water

Hi all,

Currently I am having a different green water experience.  My tank is a well
established one (about a year) and in the past week I have experienced an
outbreak of greenwater.  I can't think of anything that may have triggered
it.  The only thing I noticed was after I added some ottos and bristlenose
the tank has pretty much bene devoid of other algae and I added these about
a week before the outbreak and when I was cleaning my filter intake I found
a dead neon. Also I added some fast growing plants (lots) and my tanks is an
overgrown greenwater jungle now at the moment.  Surely 1 dead neon couldn't
trigger it (or oculd it upset the fine balance ??).  I have always
fertilized carefully with seachem flourish and flourish iron so it can't be
this and I feed sparingly. Any other ideas.. also any other ideas to get rid
of it (filter the water through floss, (can't afford diatom), lights out for
5 days (will this hurt my plants / fish).. Any ideas would be great.. thanks
! :o))

Jon Hammond