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Re:Green Water

I used to have a problem with my 39 gallon tanks at school.  They were in the 
sunlight and were very well lighted as well.  An experienced aquarium man 
told me to put an old fashioned simple corner filter in the tank.  The type 
that goes inside the tank and has a short tube for air lifting water in the 
center.  Fill the filter one half  with charcoal and pack the rest with 
filter gauze.  These materials are fairly inexpensive and can be easily 
obtained at the LFS  I did and it worked and I use it whenever so plagued 
since then.   It cleared the 39 gallon tanks overnight.  It works for me.  It 
is worth a shot.    I found that just massive water changes arn't the answer 
for me.   Just thought I would stick my neck out and give this one a shot for 
what it is worth.

Elmer L. Morehouse
Usually just lurking on this great site.