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Re: different green water

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Jon Hammond wrote:
> Any other ideas.. also any other ideas to get rid
> of it (filter the water through floss, (can't afford diatom), lights out for
> 5 days (will this hurt my plants / fish).. Any ideas would be great.. thanks
> ! :o))

Seasonal changes in ambient light seem to set my tanks up for a bout of
green water.  There's a period in November when natural light falling on
one of my tanks increases because of the lower angle of the sun.  At that
time even small disturbances (usually a heavy pruning) will result in
green water.  Perhaps in your tanks an increase in ambient light plus the
introduction of a few new fish was sufficient to trigger the green water.

To clear up green water I add a flocculent, then filter through floss.
The flocculent, incidentally, seems to plug my Magnum 350's micron filter
cartridge, so filter floss is actually the preferred filter medium.

Jon went on to write:
> Anyway from my point
> of view I think that green water, given some time will die out by itself.
> Being an algae it multiples preety much expotentially and goes through
> phases... after the expotential phase it peaks and then without any more
> nutrients crashes... ie no more algae...

I've tried waiting out green water episodes before and it doesn't seem to
go away on its own.  The sequence of exponential growth - level out -
die off is typical of growth in batch culture.  What I see in my green
water blooms is something like exponential growth leading to thick green
water, then a slight decline in the thickness of the green water to a
green-but-not-quite-so-green state that seems capable of lasting

Roger Miller