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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #247

Hello everybody and Micheal.. thanks for the reply
i really like your idea and i think i've tried something like it using a 
hagen 802 powerhead.. it works pretty well but the hagen powerhead gets 
clogged or something like that which i have to take apart and clean.. (but 
then again everything needs to be cleaned and maintanced)

also i'd like to know if you put a valve to shut off the water will the 
water pump be ok with the 'back pressure'?
not too sure if that's the right word.

oh about filling the water through a bag of peat what i meant was like 
filtering the water through it so the tanins etc would be in the new water?! 
(kinda confusing)
but anyways

>Raymond Wong wrote:
><snip> i have another question...
><snip> is there anyway i could make it so i can fill the water with aged
>water instead of the tap or do i have to use this device for just removal 
>water and fill via buckets?
>If I read this correctly Raymond, you are looking for an alternate way of
>refilling your tanks following the draining part.  Instead of a python type
>device to refill the tank, you want a way to pump aged water back to the
>tank?  I use this method for returning mixed water to my reef tank.  I use 
>little giant pond pump to return the water via some 1/2" aquarium hose.
>To set this up:  Place an adaptor onto the pump output so it will accept 
>return hose.  Essentially this consists of a female threaded end to attach
>to the pump, with the other end terminating in a barbed end to accept the
>hose.  The diameter of the output of the pump may be larger than your hose.
>If this is the case, you may need a few more adaptors in that setup to size
>the pump diameter down to match your hose diameter.  You can purchase all 
>these adaptors at a sprinkler store, or a hardware store.
>Are you familiar with Magnum hose connectors?  I use one side of the
>connector as a shut off valve at the end of the hose.  Since the pump
>essentially turns on the second you plug it in, I find it essential to have
>a shut off valve at the other end of the hose so I don't have water rushing
>out before I can reach it.
>IMPORTANT* Purchase a pump that can be run submerged.  An "in line" pump
>will do you no good as you can't submerge it into your aged water bucket.
> >or could i fill
> >the water through a bag of peat hoping that would help?
>I do not know how this connects to your first question.
>Hope that info helps.
>Michael Laflamme
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