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Cloudy water worse after TETRA Holiday sticks

	After using TETRA holiday vacation fish food sticks two weeks ago,
the water turned cloudy within 48 hrs. I've been patiently waiting for it to
clear... but it's become MUCH WORSE. 3-gal water changes every 3-4 days
failed to help. I think those horrible TETRA sticks are worked into the
substrate and keep on polluting the water.
	Finally someone told me about ACUREL-f to clear cloudiness and I put
60 drops into my 20 gal tank. The cloudiness became worse.
	Then I checked and found I had a low but present ammonia level, but
nitrites = 0; pH about 6.6. 
	This morning I added three capfuls CYCLE to reinforce the beneficial
bacteria and try to get rid of the ammonia. I did about a 4-gal water change
this morning as well & added pH 7 adjuster.
	Before this I had a healthy tank. 6 serpae tetra, 10 neon tetra, 5
otocinclus, 4 small cats ... lots of plants. There's algae as well, but sort
of under control.

What else can I do to help this situation? What is the best thing to do for
the low ammonia? Which factors are really dangerous to the fish?

Thanks For HELP!!

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