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Less is more better? Or is more better still less?

In response to some comparisons I drew regarding ion concentrations between
Flourite and Profile, Tom Barr wrote:

".....is more better? Is an increasing KH/GH better? Is it as controllable?
Everything is a balance....."

When the second issue of Dave Gomberg's new magazine hits people's mailboxes
I think that we are going to have lots to talk about...

I have experiences similar to Tom's with Flourite. I love the stuff, cost be
damned. Hell, you only have to buy it once and it is reuseable probably
forever. It is becoming more and more available, at least here in Toronto. I
am very happy to see the reaction people are having to Seachem's entire line
of plant products. I think that Greg Morin and his staff have done some
great work to bring a high quality, reasonably priced array of products for
planted tanks to market and the company (and Greg in particular) has shown
that they are very responsive to customer comments and suggestions. And it
is so nice to see products marketed towards us without the "magic elixir"
mystique of so many competing products. Greg Morin is more than willing to
tell anyone who asks how their stuff works and his explanations have always
made sense.

The issue of "is more better?" is one that needs a lot of reserch and
discussion. I was surprised to see the actual "numbers" that I referred to
in my earlier post, especially given my excellent experiences with Flourite.
It obviously has "enough" of what plants need, when used in conjunction with
Seachem's liquid fertilizers. Would using products with "more" of certain
things do a better job? How important to the successeful use of these (or
any) products is the "balance" issue - do you get better results by sticking
with Seachem products exclusively or is it ok to mix and match products from
a range of sources (given of course, that the experimenter knows what they
are doing in the first place - something which is not always the case...)

We are living in interesting times...

James Purchase