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Re: Tiny leaf manifesto

> From: Ryan Mills <millsman7 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Tiny Leaf Manifesto
> I have no choice but to use reconstituted water.  My
> tap water is hard, with at LEAST 2 ppm of phosphates.

	In that case, I would use RO water with CaCO3 (KH and GH),
MgSO4 (GH) and NaHCO3 (KH).  I would not use anything of unknown composition.
> Paul: I have never used any other kinds of buffers.

	Are you sure about that?  What is in RO Right and Equilibrium?
If you take some aquarium water and aerate it for a while, where does the
pH end up?  That will tell you a lot.

>  I
> only thought about it.  Not guilty!  Seriously though,
> could trying the calcium carbonate in proper relation
> to magnesium instead of the sodium bicarbonate take
> care of my GH/KH issues?  I have a feeling it might.

	You can get pretty well whatever you want by using the combination

> As I
> touched upon above, Andrew suggested trying
> reconstituting the water with a carefully measured
> calcium/magnesium mixture.  Sounds like it's worth a
> shot. 

	I agree.
> I have come up with the following possible recovery
> plan:
> 1.  Let phosphates creep up a bit.  
> 2.  Increase potassium level.
> 3.  Stop thinking about fiddling with the water 
>     too much.
> 4.  See about correcting any calcium/magnesium 
>     imbalance that might exist.  
> Sound promising?  


Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada