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Re:Deep substrates and "problems"

> Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 15:02:31 -0500
> From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
> Subject: Deep substrates and "problems"
>> Some posters seem concerned with possible problems which might be caused
by> deep substrates and what might be growing down there in low oxygen
zones.  I've _just_ finished re-doing my 130 gallon tank which had been set
up for a > number of years with a deep substrate (between 4 - 7", depending
upon the > area in the tank). I was never really happy with either the
growth or the > problems I had with this particular set-up, and I laid my
blame squarely on > the enthusiasm I had attacked the substrate issue with
during the initial > set-up. This tank had Duplarit G, Redart clay,
Terralit, Peat Moss and > probably several other substrate
dditives/ammendments placed in the lower...
> What I actually found however, surprised me. There was a sticky mess, to
be > sure, caused by the many pounds of Redart clay I had used, but there
was > absolutely NO smell, and the roots of the Crypts were distributed
throughout > the substrate, fat, healthy and white. They extended down to
the very lowest > levels, down into the mud...

James, when I set up my 100 gallon tank two years ago, I too got a little
carried away using Duplarit, clay litter, Terralit, sand,and peat plates
made for the aquarium. The substrate was about 4" deep in front, and six to
eight" deep elsewhere. After the first year I began to have all sorts of
problems with the tank, and finally I did tear it all down and start over.
The peat plates were black, stinky, moldy, and just plain gross. There were
dead spots all over the substrate, and the lower layers of sand was jet
black. In my case I think the compacting sand and the peat were the biggest
culprits. Some of my plants did have black roots, but still had no problem
growing. It was a rash of unexplained fish deaths that concerned me. I
replaced the substrate with a mix of straight Flourite and Profile, and I
have not had any problems since. My substrate is just as deep as before in
many places.

Robert Paul H