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Hybrid Substrate

Well, I guess I'll ask all of the experts what they think...

I know that it's pretty well accepted that substrates should be kept simple,
but I think that this mixture should work pretty well:

Bottom third of the substrate: 100% Profile
Middle third: 50/50 Profile/Flourite
Top third: 100% Flourite

I currently have a 100% Profile tank and a couple of 100% Flourite aquariums
that are doing well.  I must say, I love both the appearance and performance
of Flourite.  The cost is, however, prohibitive for my new 55gallon tank(or
rather for my thin wallet)...  Profile seems to be doing OK, but it is
rather light both in color and weight.  The colors of the two would
complement each other well, and they are both pretty much inert. I thought
about adding a "pinch" of peat, and/or a few Osmocote pellets on the very
bottom, but I figure those would just be more variables that might go
Do any of you see any problems with this mixture?  Any way to make it

Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC