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RE:TMG and K+

>Hi everyone,
>I have read a couple of comments stating that some of us supplement K+ in 
>tanks that we use TMG in. My tank is 125 gallon, CO2 injected, 5 
>watts/gallon, using only TMG in the water column. I have no complaints about 
>plant growth, but wonder if it could be better with potassium 
>supplementation? One post I read stated TMG was relatively low in K+. Any 
>comments are appreciated.
>Thank you,
Hi, yes you likely will notice an improvement if you add K+ say in the form
of K2SO4 (I use Green All from a nursery supply for about 4$ for a lifetime
supply). K+ levels are best around 20-30ppm or so but it doesn't matter too
much if you overdose or under dose too much with this one. At 5w/gal you
certainly may find some lower nutrients in your tank. I'd check your NO3 for
that matter also. Say 5-10ppm or so would be good. In this case, add KNO3
and you get both K and NO3 in one shot. It is a little bit more exspensive
at about 5$ for 1 lb. depending on where you get. I know Mr. Gomberg sells
both here.
You may also try upping your TMG doses too and watch closely. You may need
more than you think. If you feed heavy for the Discus you won't need the
KNO3or any extra PO4 likely. I had no problems with my tap being 1.12ppm of
PO4 and I had Discus also although there were only 6 in a 90 gallon. A low
stocking level allows you to get away with a lot:)
Tom Barr