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Porous clay substrate

Hello folks,

There has been a lot of discussion about the porous
clay substrate and where to find it.  This weekend I
stopped in Ritter's Pottery outlet in South Rockwood,
MI (north of Toledo, OH, exit 26 from I-75 on the east
side of the highway).  I asked the owner about
Profile's clay product.  He knew exactly what I was
talking about and told me that they make similar stuff
and sell it by the ton.  His product is similar to
fine gravel and is made from terra cotta.  

He gave me a few pounds for a sample.  I don't know
what it costs, but I would guess it to be pretty
cheap.  If you live in the area it might be easier
than chasing down Profile.  Also, I didn't have a
whole lot of time to look around, but it looked like a
nice nursery/pottery/garden shop. 


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