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KH, PH, co2 relationship

Paul, I think my co2 is a bit high and my ph a bit
Suppose I want my ph to be about 6.5, the GH about 
4-5dh, and the co2 about 30.  That sounds good for the
variety of life housed within.  My parameters are
currently 6.2, GH 9dh (or 143 ppm), and co2 57.  I
need a more accurate ph measuring method.  How about
those Milwaukee or Pinpoint ph pens/monitors?  

If I can't get my desired ph and co2 by fiddling with
acids and buffers or changing the KH, how can I?  How
can I distribute co2 throughout the tank as evenly as
before but just less of it?  Is that the only way to
modify the co2 level?  Flourish Excel is an organic
carbon source used as an alternative to co2 (they
say).  I mention it because I feel I don't have much
control over the co2 with the yeast method.  As I
mentioned in another post that tyes in with this one,
I though about running an airstone for awhile at night
as a possible control method.    

What if I get the GH down to where I want it but lose
KH (which is happening as I do it)?  Calcium
carbonate?  (but not enough to raise the GH too much
as well)

Some old polysperma leaves have tiny holes and a
bolivianus sword is now showing clear patches on older
leaves.  Potassium problem?
Flourish potassium is potassium sulfate.  Using it
would give me some sulfur my plants may need too.  I
didn't think I would need more potassium after the
Equilbrium, Flourish and daily kno3 additions.  Maybe
the bolivianus is showing that symptom because it
didn't get the amount it usually gets from the

Thanks, and please be patient with my deluge of long
rants today, Cavan.               

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