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For Roger....

Roger, The misformed leaves are apparent on the
following plants in the following ways:

Cryptocoryne retrospiralis-some leaves have abrupt
curves but are otherwise normal.  

E. tenellus Large version- Some leaves are as in the
retrospiralis, while others twist like that and have
the inside of the curve right up against the vein.

L. repens-many stems are fine, others are fine before
sprouting leaves almost too small to see, and many
stems have side shoots with tiny leaves that don't
grow much

Bacopa caroliniana_ grew really well for awhile before
some stems sprouted "shrunken head" looking leaves. 
Adding potassium gluconate tablets caused a dramatic
improvement for awhile...

Oddly, my macrandra is recovering after being potted
in soil.  

It sure sounds like a calcium defficiency.  If sodium
is a problem, how would I find out?  I kind of doubt
it will be now that the RO Right is no longer added. 
What else could interfere with calcium uptake?

If I posted something a lot like this before today,
it's because I'm really tired.  Later, Cavan.

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