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The novice 10 gallon

Hi, I'm new to the list.  I'm getting most of my supplies in tomorrow,
hopefully the flourite too, but maybe not.  Anyway I'm just using a 10
gallon for fun.  I will have 2 strip lights, one will have a standard bulb,
and the 2nd one will have a Triton bulb, if I still have the tank going a
year from now I'll replace the standard bulb with another triton if those
kind of bulbs prove themselves.  Anyway the only fish I have in there right
now are 4 corys, so plant fish compatibility is not an issue.  My filtration
consists of an Aquaclear mini 80 gph powerhead hooked up to a sponge.  So I
have 0 surface movement but I do turn the airpump on for 8 hours a day
(those hours when the light is off and I'm already sleeping or at work).
I've got 3 small plecos that are all under 3" at the moment in a seperate
tank (zebra, baby bristlenose, baby gold nugget) so when I get everything
setup in the plant tank and am sure about no diseases I'll put one of those
fish in there, unless they get too big by then.  I'll probably take the
corys out for the first couple weeks also in fear of disease.  Anyway I'm
just looking for tips on which plants will be good for me and my short tank.
Maybe some tips on anything that will be useful to get rid of snalls and
diesease on store bought plants.  Maybe if you guys have the time some
layouts of what should go where would be kind of cool too.  I'm learning a
ton on this list, I thank you all.

Dustin Swanson
Almost had to turn on the AC here today in Minnepolis ( I got the location
lingo down )