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algae-eating shrimp...

Algae eating shrimp are O.K. but I think you need an awful lot of them to
have optimum algae control.  At the prices charged, they are not good value
for money especially since they have a habit of going AWOL.  I found one out
in the hallway about 16 feet from the tank.  Of course by then it had dried
out quite nicely. :(
I started with 12 about 8 months ago. There are two left in one of my tanks
and 2 out of 4 in another.  One day when I move (if I move) I'll probably
find a few dried out ones behind various pieces of furniture.

SAEs don't get aggressive but they are extremely fast and active.  If you
don't have a lid on the tank they jump as well.  I gave three away when
they'd outgrown their welcome.  They were tiny slivers when I bought them,
and 4 inches SL when James Purchase gave them a new home nine months later.
They are now over 6 inches SL - big enough to panfry.  Torpedo shaped
sardines.  They did a great job of algae control it's just that they were
spooking the clown loaches and gouramis.  I suppose you can't really keep
them with timid fish.

Gabriella Kadar