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Sodium in Planted Tanks

Roger and Andrew:  I switched over to Equilibrium from
the RO Right to reconstitute my distilled water. 
Sodium only comes from what is in the Floursih itself.
 I don't think there can be much sodium in the tank. 
I wonder if there's anything funny about the distilled

What's this about the balance between calcium and
magnesium?  What should the ratio be?  Having heard
all the postive things I've heard about Seachem
products, I would think that the Equilibrium/Flourish
mixture would give me the right proportions of

The strange thing is, I had this same problem before
under very different conditions.  I was using tap
water and Kent plant suppliment with 50 watts of
light.  Now, I'm using Seachem products with 90 watts
of better lighting.  Before, my phosphates were very
high, now they're very low.  I just don't get it.  

I was thinking aboout possible substrate causes.  My
tank has an old undergravel filter plate covered with
normal gravel and topped with flourite.  I noticed
some blackish areas in the gravel, and stirred them
up.  I have a bunch of burrowing snails, and the 
healthy roots bring in oxygen to break up the dark
areas, though some roots do sometimes show black
areas.  A while back, I stirred up the gravel and a
bunch of bubbles came up.  I wonder if any of it
diffused into the water.  Could this be why some stems
are fine when one RIGHT NEXT TO IT could be stunted?  

The only other thing I can see in common with the
older setup is that the co2 has been administered 24
hours a day with a co2 bell.  My co2 level is pretty
high, and I wonder if giving them that much around the
clock is harmful at all, maybe giving some of them
small leaves.  ?     

Thanks guys, Cavan.

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