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algae-eating shrimp...

I have been hearing so much about SAE's, that I thought I'd try my skill at
recognizing them at the LFS (hey, I'm already using acronyms!).  They do
have a tank full (real ones), and I spoke to the manager of the fish room
about them.  He said "oh, but I have something better at eating algae than

Down below in another tank he had a bunch of "algae-eating shrimp".  They
are tiny, maybe one inch long, and sort of grey/translucent.  This was late
on Saturday, he put a plant that was covered in algae into the tank, along
with a big piece of slate that also had tons of algae on it.  We walked
away for a minute and by the time we came back, the little guys were all
over the slate like mosquitoes on a bare arm.  I went back the following
morning, and the slate was almost completely clean.  They were still
working at it, trying to get the really hard stuff off.  The plant was a
nice light green again, and although it wasn't in great shape, it sure was
a big improvement.

Several LFS people (different LFS's) have told me that the SAE's get
aggressive when they get older.  Has anyone experienced this?

Has anyone had/got any algae-eating shrimp?