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Re: ADA in the USA

Hello everyone:

Since it was brought up, I thought I should make mention of why ADA is no 
longer distributed in the USA.

I created a company to import and distribute ADA products in the USA.  This 
was done to make their products available to the US hobbyist.  Quite 
honestly, I was tired of being unable to get Tropica plants, most of Dupla's 
line, Dennerle, etc...  ADA has a reputation for being high-quality and 
innovative products and who can argue with Amano's results.

Unfortunately, when you add cost+freight+tariffs+overhead+a tiny margin, the 
products price has literally tripled!!!  In addition, the lack of an English 
catalogue and other marketing efforts made getting the word out about ADA 
products almost impossible.

Therefore, reluctantly, after over 1 year of trying (and quite a few bucks 
down the drain) we made the decision to stop importing the products.  This, 
by no means, is any reflection on the quality of the ADA products.  Quite 
the contrary, I found their products to be excellent.  We simply could not 
sell any.

I hope this explains why our business venture "failed" and why ADA is no 
longer available in the USA. I do not believe they will be available in the 
USA in the forseable future unless a distributor can be found that is 
capable of investing substatial capital in the marketing of the products.


Art Giacosa
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