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>>A complex animal such as a
>>rat or bear or human or fish can perhaps live on a lower nutrient levels,
>>slowly wasting, but surviving, but the lifespan of a bacteria is so quick,
>>that they can't sit in your tank, soaking up nutrients for months.  I
>>believe that if they don't have the nutrients to live and breed, they just
>>die.  Thus the population is adjusted according to availability of
>>As far as applying proof, the person who proposed the idea of
>>is required to show proof.

>I am a biologist and I can assure you that bacterial do not lead a "digital
>existence." I do not know all the details of what goes on in a tank as
>regards bacteria (I do not think anyone does) but it's a lot more complex
>that you seem to think.

Now wait a minute.  I never stated that all the bacterial relationships in
an aquarium were simple, I was referring to just the relationship between
plants and the specific bacteria that is supposedly competing with the
plants for nutrients.  As far as "digital existence", I meant that the time
frame between the "birth" (YES, I know they aren't BORN...) and death of a
bacterium is so short, that they can't sit around in your tank, hibernating
like a bear in winter, existing on next to nothing, ready to rise and shine
when times are better.

> BTW, bacteria do not breed.

Yes, Perhaps I should have used the word "reproduce".  Or maybe I could have
described the cell division mechanism known as binary fission in great

>As to your request for
>"proof" you sound more like a lawyer than an aquarist.

I did not request proof.  I remember, albeit rather fuzzily, someone asking
for proof that bacteria were NOT competing with plants.  And no, I'm not a
lawyer.  I'm a college student. :)

>If you want to
>contribute to the discussion of bacteria in tanks then do some reading or
>research and let us know what you find out. Simply stating your "beliefs"
>and challenging someone to disprove them does not help at all.

>Peter G. Aitken

Sure, I stated a belief or two.  I also reflected on the nature of the
bacteria, and offered my views.  If I'm wrong, then correct me.  Many a
wrong statement has been offered and corrected in this digest, but few so
rudely rebuffed.  If you have some aggression to work out, I would suggest
you take it to alt.flame, a newsgroup specifically created for this very
purpose.  Sorry to offend.