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Re: Substrate Gold and Natural Gold

The elemental percentages of Substrate Gold and Natural Gold will be
available at http://www.substrategold.com shortly.  Until then Robert Hs'
website carries the same information, as he is an authorized distributor.
K. R. Schoeler Enterprises deals primarily through distributor networks,
providing informational and manufacturing support for those distributors.

These percentages have importance to aquatic horticulturists primarily if
they have persistent problems which may be related to the combination of
their raw water and additions of _any_ water column or substrate amendment.
To that end, the percentage disclosure may help.

As the originator of Substrate Gold and Natural Gold I will continue to
monitor aquatic plant forums and answer questions which I feel are
appropriate.  Considering the recent thread regarding advertising on this
forum, I will remain, as usual, in the background! 8-)


Karl R. Schoeler

K. R. Schoeler Enterprises Inc.
Laterite and water column fertilizers

> Karl Schoeler recent gave Robert H. the composition (but not the
> percentages) of his Substrate Gold and Natural Gold (see
> http://www.aquabotanic.com/plantfer.htm). Perhaps Karl would tell us what
> prompted him.