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Re: Fern T. javanicum

"Allen" wrote:
>I've seen this plant for sale at AZgardens and I'm hoping a friend of mine
>will be able to mail me one or two.  It's certainly attractive in the
>photograph.  However during a search for it I've found it on a non-aquatic
>blacklist at... PetSwarehouse (Swearhouse back around holiday time).  I'm
>definately interested in any experience with this plant, on a hardiness
>scale would it say on par with Bolbitis?  It looks like it's an epiphyte.
>BTW: have you found that a large java fern will sprout smaller leaves once
>the rhizome is cut ala Bolbitis?

Tom Barr replied:
It is a black listed plant and it will not grow underwater. I've gotten it
to pearl some but never produce a fiddle head. Bog plant only.
Tom Barr

I'm glad that Tom has tried the plant.  From the picture at the Arizone
gardens web site, it kind of looked to me like it belonged out of the
water, but you can never reliably tell by looking at the emerse form
whether or not a plant is capable of growing submersed.  There was
something about those brown roots in the picture that said this plant was
strictly terrestrial.

Paul Krombholz, in sunny central Mississippi, where things are drying out