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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #228

Yes, it's good to grovel, but "Sensei" doesn't take many pictures these 
days. There are many talented photographers working for Amano as well as a 
goodly number of wordsmith's. many of the items sold with his name on them I 
would not use, but some of the products such as the various laterites 
(Amazon, Malaysian) are similar to the real soil found in that environment. 
Hardware is excellent and well made, but as with all things Japanese, too 

>Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 16:48:05 -0400
>From: "DaTrueDave" <DaTrueDave at earthlink_net>
>Subject: Dumping on Amano (was:AZOO & Anthocyanidins)
>James Purchase wrote:
>"A number of ADA product claims are very dicey and I don't
>see anyone dumping on Amano (they are too busy grovelling at the man's
>amazing aquascaping and photography skills)."
>I'll forever grovel at his amazing aquascaping and photography skills, but 
>just can't see myself buying a product called "green brighty"...
>Has anyone used ADA's products?  I'd be interested in hearing people's
>experiences with ADA's "software" (additives/fertilizers, etc..) more than
>the hardware (diffusers, etc...).

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