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Re: Trichomanes javanicum V4 #230

Subject: Trichomanes javanicum

I've seen this plant for sale at AZgardens and I'm
hoping a friend of 
will be able to mail me one or two.  It's certainly
attractive in the
photograph.  However during a search for it I've found
it on a 
blacklist at... PetSwarehouse (Swearhouse back around
holiday time).  
definately interested in any experience with this
plant, on a hardiness
scale would it say on par with Bolbitis?  It looks
like it's an 

BTW: have you found that a large java fern will sprout
smaller leaves 
the rhizome is cut ala Bolbitis?

I have limited experience with Trichomanes javanicum. 
My experience is that it will die a few weeks after
you introduce it to the aquarium but will stay green
for several months.  By the time you realize that it's
on it's way out, it's too late to grow emerse.  Even
if you get the plant at a bargain, I recommend against
growing it submersed.  

WRT the Java Fern and small leaves...  I haven't
noticed cutting the rhizome as impacting leave size. 
My experience is that leaf size is dependent on
lighting.  More light will yield smaller leaves and
less light will yield larger leaves.  Provided that
the plants are properly anchored, the smallest leaves
I've seen on mature plants have been about 6-8 inches.
 The largest I've had have been about 14-16 inch
range.  YMMV.

newellcr at yahoo_com

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