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RE: CO2 cylinders - gas grades question.

> From: "Richard Rajski" <Richard at rajski_freeserve.co.uk>
> I have the opportunity to buy an ex-brewery carbon dioxide
> cylinder at very
> reasonable cost. The company supplying it has told me they
> can only fill it
> with industrial grade CO2 and not food grade. They were
> however unable to
> give me any information as to the level of impurities in each.
> Does anyone know ? Is industrial grade OK to use on an aquarium ?

I've used industrial grade in a low flow setup like a CO2 reactor. You have
to accept the slightly greater risk of trapping a particle in the needle
valve. All this assumes the gas grading in the UK is the same. :)

As a CO2 aside, I don't know if this happened everywhere, but my local BOC
gasses (Big US Company) no longer carries anything but medical grade CO2.
They moved to the centralized refill stations for CO2 last year. In January
when CO2 went from $7 to $10 for 5 lbs, I had to ask why. In actuality, it's
a good deal. Medical grade was a LOT higher before.

Jon Wilson