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Re: snail farm

|Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 01:30:43 -0700
|From: Broken Tiger <admagee at teleport_com>
|Subject: snail farm
|Thanks everyone on the loach, light and snail question. It looks real
|good to go.  Trouble is, the loaches, finally, look great adn the tank
|is working well.  I am afraid to mess iwht either :(
|I may be moving the tank, just upstairs, in a month or two.  I know it
|will disrupt things, but is it better to disrupt them before I add the
|loaches and cories and the otos, or after and is it better to let the
|tank settle first or to disrupt it BEFORE all the systems settle down?
|The tank is about two months old, or less.

Howdy...are snails bad?  I remember when I first start aquariums 15 years ago, I
was told snails waste product are toxic to fish.  So, I never had snails.  But
then I read other people have snails and claim they eat all sorts of algae.  So
which is it?  good or bad or just not something some people want in a tank?