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Re: Cannister Filter Recommendations

> Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 18:56:17 -0700 (PDT)
> From: mike heerman <triggerfish80 at go_com>
> Subject: Cannister Filter Recommendations
> I'm looking into getting a cannister filter for my new 70 
> gallon aquarium.  I've never had a cannister filter 
> before.  I'm looking for one that is easy to take apart 
> and clean.  It looks like most cannister filters have 
> quick disconnect tubing.  Any suggestions on filters or 
> proper size filter for a 70 gallon tank.  Also do you have 
> to buy the manufacturers media type or can you add your 
> own media.  This will be a planted tank, hopefully with 
> Rainbowfish.

An Eheim Professional 2226 or 2228 would be excellent for that tank.

They are very quiet and very easy to maintain.

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