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Tampered glassed tank

 > I went to an aquarium shop today to enquire on a 4ft > by 2tby 2ft tank 
for my future planted tank. >  > The proprietress of the shop quoted me a 
price for the
 > "tampered" glass tank which she said is more costly > than the ordinary 
tank. She stated that the glass has > to be "tampered" to give it the 
durability. >>

AllGlass to my knowledge only makes one 48 x 24 x 24 (that's 120 gallons) and 
it is a beautiful tank. I can get it locally for $248.00. I think the LFS  
person might have been *funning* you or you misunderstood what she was 
saying. This Allglass 120 is a great tank. 

the following if the AllGlass URL which provides construction and material 

<A HREF="http://www.petsforum.com/allglass">All-Glass Aquarium - Quality Fish 
Tanks, Hoods, Lights, Stands and Accessories</A>

Hope this helps

David  Napierkowski
Focaipoint at aol_com