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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #224

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 Photosynthesis does not consume nitrogen.
 Roger Miller
Stephen Spotte in his book "Sea Water Aquariums' states that all plants use 
nitrogen in some form, Higher plants are more likely to use nitrates algae 
tend to use ammonia although some can use the nitrogen in urea. Nitrogen is 
assimilated during phtosysnthisis to make the amino acids inside cells. 
Plants by way of photosynthesis assimilate nitrogen and phosphorus compounds 
and incorporate them into their own tissues during growth. All living things 
require nitrogen and phosphorus. Animals get theirs by eating plants or other 
animals, Plants get theirs by assimilating those compounds from their 
environment and using them by way of photo synthesis to make new body 
    Photosynthesis and in some cases chemosynthesis is what supplies plants 
with food, animals use that food, which is made up of plant tissue, with is 
made up on a smaller level of, among other things, nitrogen. Plants make 
their tissue by photosynthisis, I don't know how to be more basic than that.