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Re: Mechanical Filtration

On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Ivo Busko wrote:

> Thanks, Roger, for the explanation on the triangle filter. Sounds
> interesting, but one thing is not clear. Is the screen fully submerged ?
> If not, the filter's CO2 degassing power ought to be significant.

The industrial-scale filters are probably open-air.  Fish farms have far
more interest in getting CO2 out then they do in keeping it in.  In their
case the aeration that comes along with the filter would be a plus.  The
same thing might be said for fish-only tanks, or tanks without added CO2.

This goes beyond my original imaginings, but for most plant tanks you
probably would want to house the filter inside an enclosure.  I doubt
that would create any more outgassing than would a trickle filter.

Roger Miller