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PMDD recipes?

Hello all,

I was wondering what people used for their PMDD recipes.  I used to use the 
stuff in the past, but with too little light and too little CO2 in my 55G 
tank.  It was pointless.  Now I have the lights (220W) and CO2 (regulated 
tank) and might start using it again.  PMDD seems to be the most complete 
fertilizer compared to the market varieties.  I'm using Fluorish and TMG, 
but am about to run out of the TMG.  It's a little expensive for a poor 
graduate student.  So I'm wanting to roll my own fertilizer.  I've used 1 
tbsp of trace mix, 2 tbsp of K2SO4, 1 tbsp of KNO3, and 1 tbsp of MgSO4 or 
epsom salt.  My plants haven't been growing very well and the green spot 
algae is a bit of a problem.  I'm also getting stunted growth and the leaves 
of my Jade hormani sword puts new shoots out, but then melts.  Should I 
increase the K2SO4 to 3 tbsp to increase the potassium?  It seems like the 
plants are suffering from a potassium deficiency.  Any suggestions?

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