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Re: Plant Filter

> Why not use a plant filter instead for that heavy fish load and/or those of
> us that "like" to crash tanks from lack of CO2?
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

I've done everything bass ackwards in my 80. In order to attempt to maintain my
bio-load of current fish once I plant the aquarium, I've been establishing a
terrestrial plant filter with it first.  The emergent plants are in a preformed
pond that I've hooked up behind the tank. I've now got the thing *packed* with
growing arrowhead vine, pothos, and Spathiphyllum. It's been running since early
January. Once I get my new ballast and lights hooked up for the tank, I'm planning
on using low light requiring plants in the tank (mainly Java Fern and Java
Moss)...and I *initially* plan on keeping the 35 fish that I have in the tank.
It's all a grand experiment that I hope to have fun with...tinker with...and
*maybe* it will even work! :-)

Walter B. Klockers
ps--I've still got a sponge filter in the tank that's driven by a power head. At
one point or another, I may remove the sponge portion, but not at this point in
time. I think I need to have more plants in there before I do so.