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Re: Radicans swords emersed

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> Also, even if the plants are trimmable, I'm sure that
> they will inevitably outgrow the tank.  I'd hate to
> lose them so I am preparing to grow them emersed
> outdoors in a bucket when the time comes.  I have a
> few questions about this as well.  Should I leave the
> plant partially submerged or can it survive with only
> the roots submerged?  And are swords particularly
> sensitive to temperature changes?  Since they're
> mostly either from tropical regions or from
> well-heated aquariums, I wasn't sure if they would
> adapt to more temperate climates.  TIA.
I grow many of my swordplants outside all year round with just their roots
and crowns underwater and they do very well - the foliage tends to be
smaller and more shiny but they propogate well.You need to fertilise and
make sure they don't dry out.

In fact some species need cold temperatures to make them produce flower
stalks e.g. E. opacus will not flower unless exposed to almost freezing

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