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Ich, Malachite Green and Loaches

So that was what happened to my coolie loaches. Seeing that the tank was 
badly infected i poured malachite green. killed my clown loaches.
the kuhli's were faring badly as well. thinking they needed an extra dose i 
took them out, placed them in a small pail and doused them in malachite.

at least now i wont make the same mistake.

what does malachite green do to them actually???


>I had a big problem for a long time with Ich on black tetras. I tried using
>several remedies (usually copper based) to cure it with poor results. 
>can also have adverse effects on fish and plants.) Anyway, I tried using a
>malachite green based medication and it worked VERY well. Just make sure 
>don't have any scaleless fish, I did some damage to some loaches when I
>treated my tank.


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