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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #213

>Regarding the "screw in" type fluorescent these do not have the same rated
>lumens per watt as tube or CF setups.  I think that this is largely because
>the base contains what is probably a cheap ballast that is pretty
>inefficient.  Therefor a 30 watt "screw in" might actually be a 24 watt,
>say, with 6 getting lost in the transformer.  Since CF and tube are rated
>downstream from the ballast this doesn't count when calculating watts per

>I was thinking, though, that used with the old duel screw in type of hood
>that these would be great for a mini/Amano type setup for 10 or 15 gallon

Except that the bases of those screw in lights are too big and two won't fit
in a standard dual screw-in hood.  I know- I tried for the 10 gallon plant
tank on my desk. :)  I used one fluorescent and one incandescent (not the
best, I know) for a while, but have now changed to a swing arm desk lamp and
one 40 watt screw-in fluorescent over the tank.  A little too soon to tell
if it is going to be ok (just changed over this week), but so far, so good.

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