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Setting up new tank w/flourite

I'm setting up a new tank, and trying to do things right (or at least a 
little better) this time . . .  Unfortunately, lacking the inventiveness and 
fortitude of others with planted tanks, I'm opting for pre-packaged 
ready-to-go flourite. Basically, I'm *upgrading* a 20 long to a 29 gal high. 
I'm just contemplating whether it is beneficial at all, to use vacuumed mulm 
and such from the current gravel substrate, not so much to seed in the sense 
of bacteria, but from the standpoint of fertilization for the plants, or to 
speed the aging process along. This will be a heavily planted tank. I 
understand flourite is a few steps ahead of plain gravel, but wondering 
whether it would be at all helpful, completely unnecessary, or for some 
reason, detrimental? (The only possible reason I thought it would be 
detrimental is because I had larger and irregularly shaped gravel in the old 
tank, which allowed most anything to fall through into the gravel bed.)

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this,